Oggy Inu

Oggy Inu is a meme token derived from the impromptu meme market. Existing on the ERC-20 chain, it is a well-known meme in the space!



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Oggy Inu had a clear goal: to successfully sell out their Presale without any uncertainties. Tasked with raising the required amount of 100 ETH, we were brought on board to assist. By harnessing the power of our influencers, employing effective marketing strategies, and generating substantial hype, we efficiently ensured the complete sell-out of the presale.



Price Appreciation

Our marketing solutions extend beyond the presale phase. They significantly impact the price post-presale period.

Wider Audience

Our YouTube influencers ensured that those who were previously unaware of Oggy, are now informed!

Complete Sellout!

Successfully achieved a complete sell-out of their entire presale, raising 100 ETH in the process.

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